Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rose enjoys a pancake!

(from the It's best with chocolate chips department)

Hi everyone,

Nothing major in this blog post - just me and Rose having breakfast at IHOP.

First, the before pictures:

Rose isn't smiling because...

She's already been eating chocolate chips!
Now the after pictures:
Rose practices her paprazzi moves
Yes, Daddy - I've eaten half a gigantic choco-pancake!
Why do you look so worried?

And finally - from my phone's front cam:

We love pancakes! 
I got to try the Red Velvet pancake - it was really good.  I did find out something interesting - the waiter said that the IHOP special menus are no longer placed on the table by default.  This means that when you see the ads for the limited-time pancakes on TV, you have to ask your server for the special menu to order them.

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Dana said...

I think the audience needs to know that I had just been dropped off at the airport to be out of the country for a week, so I had no knowledge or involvement with said sweet tooth pancakes.