Friday, June 26, 2009

Tiger Woods - Gamer!

Hi everyone,

Quick blog post. Saw this in the NY Times - worth a read:
Tiger Woods, Sporadic Gamer


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saying "farewell" to a part of Sony history....

(this is adapted from an entry I originally published on the Yellow Dog Linux community forums)

Hi everyone,

Well - it looks like one of PS3 Linux's ancestors is finally calling it a day. Sony is shutting down the PS2 Linux site:

I'm fairly sad to see this go. I contributed many, many PS2 builds of Mozilla, Firefox & Thunderbird to this site. In fact, I attended the Mozilla 1.0 release celebrations, based on my membership there. See here:

I learned much about the ways of the Sony from this site. In some ways, what we do with PS3 Linux is based on lessons learned (or unlearned) from PS2 Linux. Much like Yellow Dog Linux, PS2 Linux was also derived from Red Hat Linux, via Kondara Linux. It allowed full access to the PS2's Emotion Engine - including the twin Vector Unit processors. Only the cryptography functions were restricted so that you couldn't copy PS2 games directly.

That website was also the place I met some like-minded PS2 Linux enthusiasts. One of them is now a PS3 Linux moderator with me at the Yellow Dog Linux community forums. We met trying to compile the PS2 version of Firefox with gtk2 and freetype. Good times.

It's worth poking around the site a little bit before they shut it down for good. There's a lot of knowledge locked up in there.


P.S. For those of you who have never seen the PS2 Linux kit - it was quite impressive. It came with a keyboard, mouse, special network adaptor, hard drive, special VGA cable and two DVDs of source code & binary code. Here's the bundle:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rose - Then & Now

(from the Cell Phone Cameras Are Fun department)

Hi everyone,

Just cleaning out the ol' Cell Phone, and found these photos of Rose.

First Photo:

This was taken 8/16/08. Rose was about 9 months old at this point.

Second Photo :

This photo was taken 5/25/09. Rose is about 18 months old here.