Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rose Rides A Truck - April 17th, 2010

(from the Do The Puyallup department)

Hi everyone,

Here's another video upload from my new Vado pocket camcorder. It's Rose on a carnival ride at the Puyallup Spring Fair - riding for the first time by herself!

There would have been more, but my camera battery died. She had a great time, and only freaked out a little when I switched positions, and she couldn't see me. But - she wasn't scared of the ride at all.


Trip To Vashon Island - March 27, 2010

(from the Get Away To The Islands department)

Hi everyone,

Here's some videos from my new Vado pocket camcorder. This documents a trip we took in March to Vashon Island to visit the Farmer's Market and see the sights.

First, we rode the ferry from West Seattle:

Next, we looked around the Farmer's Market and found some wind chimes:

Then, we ran around the park next to the Market:

We had brunch at the Hardware Store, then we drove around the island, looking at stuff. We bought some local coffee, then ended up at a boat launch at Quartermaster Harbor:


Then, we caught the ferry and went home. What a fun day!!!