Monday, October 24, 2011

tsclient for Fedora 15

(from the RPM department)

Hi everyone,

As most folks know, I do like to dabble in Linux. Lately, I've been trying Fedora 15 on a virtual machine - just to see what a cutting edge Linux is like.

One thing I miss from previous versions of Fedora is the old rdesktop GUI front-end called tsclient. That package has been deprecated in favor of newer RDP clients. But - I miss it anyway.

Well - I was able to take the SRPM for tsclient from Fedora 13, and add patches to get it to build in Fedora 15.

(Side note: Normally, I run Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3.)

I don't think this will build on YDL per se - since it's based on RedHat Enterprise Linux - but the patch system is interesting. You basically unpack the SRPM, add your patches in the form of diff files to the SOURCE directory, edit the spec file to include them, and re-package and re-build the RPM and SRPM.

No muss - no fuss.

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't allow me to add attachments, so I've posted the files on the Yellow Dog board: tsclient for Fedora 15


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rose, the artist

(from the I am an Artiste department)

Hi everyone,

We went out to brunch today at The Cheeky Cafe. (Highly Recommended!!)

As per usual, Rose got a children's menu and some crayons. She proceded to go to town on the menu, and insisted that we give it to the restaurant to put it on the walls.

The restaurant happily obliged:

Rose was beside herself with glee:

(Rose's drawing is the one with a lot of purple!)

The cool part is that we actually got two menus - and Rose drew on both. So - we had some art to take home as well!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Hunting - somewhere near Snohomish, WA - Friday, October 21st, 2011

(from the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown department)

Hi everyone,

Today, Dana, Rose and I braved the mud and rain to head out to a farm and pick a pumpkin!

We went to The Farm at Swan's Trail in Snohomish, WA. Incredibly well run - very family friendly - and great for children of all ages. We got to see a duck race, pet some barnyard animals, ride on a hay bale cart pulled by a tractor, and wander around a big field looking for a pumpkin.

Soon - Rose had found what she was looking for:

This was an event sponsored by our pre-school; King Street Co-Op. It was nice to go in a group instead of just by ourselves - farms are more fun with a bunch of people - and the kids were great.

Rose finished the day with ice cream - an orange creamsicle - which she ate instantly. She apparently doesn't mind the wind and rain when ice cream is involved.