Friday, November 30, 2007

Ruby Gloom on DVD in February!

(From the Ruby Gloom department, naturally)

Hi everyone!

Great news! According to Variety, Ruby Gloom will be released on DVD in Canada starting February 2008!!! I can hardly wait.

Original article here: Nelvana draws up DVD pact


Monday, November 19, 2007

Yet another great news headline from Japan

(from the Where do they get these? department)

Had to share this with everyone:

80-year-old granny tries to suffocate bossy husband with futon

An 80-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday for attempting to kill her bossy husband by covering his face with a futon, police said.

Awesome, huh?


Friday, November 16, 2007

Thoughts while getting ready to leave the hospital

Hi everyone,

Well - Mom and Baby are catching a quick snooze right now, and I have a little time, so I'm writing a quick blog entry and including a quick pic.

Both Dana and Rose are doing well. They actually did so well last night that Dad got a little sleep, so I'm returning the favor this morning.

In about 15 minutes, I'll have to wake Dana, and get her ready to see the nurse to get her prepped to go home. She needs to grab a quick shower, then have some staples removed, etc. Meanwhile, I'll head down to get the take-home prescription medicines and install the car seat, etc.

Then, we have to leave our little "baby hotel" room. I'll sure miss having the nurses available to help with the press of a button - but that's to be expected in real life. I am looking forward to taking Rose home, though. She's gonna love growing up in our house, and playing in our back yard. She might even put up with Dad's crazy hobbies - though that will probably take a while. Naturally, I'm hoping she shows an interest in music - I'll probably start playing guitar for her early. I loved it when my Mom played piano for me.

With all that goes on in a busy world nowadays, it was nice to spend two days "disconnected" with my wife and daughter. But like all good things, that has come to an end. I am looking forward to introducing friends and family to Rose soon, though - everyone has been eagerly waiting to meet her!

Okay - Rose is starting to stir, and the nurse will be here soon. Time to gather up Dana and Rose and get started on our new life together.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's time!

Ladies and Gentlemen......

It is my honor to present - Rose Victoria Pietromonaco!

Vital Statistics:
Birth Date: Born November 13th, 2007 at 9:30 PM
Birth Location: Swedish Hospital, Seattle WA.
Birth Weight: 7 lbs, 1.7 oz
Birth Length: 18.75 inches
Proud Parents: Dana & Paul Pietromonaco

Dana and I are quite excited and quite exhausted. Her original due date was last week - Monday, Nov. 5th. Since she was overdue, we were planning on starting labor induction tomorrow (Thurs.) - instead, due to some complications, she arrived yesterday (Tues.) via C-Section. Everything is fine, though - Mother and Baby are doing great!

Here's a few more pics:

By the way - those things on her ears in the last photo are not some sort of baby torture device. They're actually part of an infant hearing test. They play soft sounds in her ears, and use the white sensor you can see on her head to scan her brain to determine if she heard the sounds! How cool is that?

Happy Birthday Rose! Mom & Dad love you!