Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas from Santa and Rose!!! (Parts 2 & 3)

(from the Happy Holidays department)

Hi everyone,

Just got our Santa photo back. Here it is for 2009:

Dana and I weren't planning on being in this one - but, for the first time, Rose was too scared of Santa to sit on his lap unless we were all there. Look at how pensive she looks!

We managed to get her to pose last year by herself. I realized I'd never posted that one, so here it is - Santa 2008:

Happy Holidays Everyone - from Paul, Dana, Rose & Santa!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Having trouble watching my embedded videos?

(from the I Love Computers department)

Hi everyone,

My laptop has been having issues playing the embedded videos from NBC that I post here on my blog. I have done some sleuthing, and discovered it is due to the copy of Norton Internet Security (2005) I've installed.

Here's the fix:

  1. Go to the Norton Internet Security control panel.
  2. In the Norton Internet Security Section, in the Status & Settings subsection, select Privacy Control and click Configure
  3. In the resultant Privacy Control dialog box, click the Advanced button
  4. In the resultant Advanced dialog box, click Add Site
  5. In the resultant New Site/Domain dialog box, add and click OK
  6. Highlight in the Web Contents Options tree of the Advanced dialog box, and uncheck the Use default settings check box in the Information about visited sites section.
  7. After the box is unchecked, the Information about visited sites radio buttons should be selectable. Select the Permit radio button, and click OK to close the Advanced dialog box.
  8. Click OK to close the Privacy Control dialog box.
  9. Close the Norton Internet Security control panel.
  10. Have fun viewing the embedded videos on this blog


Jawbox on Fallon!!!!!

(from the Jimmy Fallon Did A Good Thing department)

Hi everyone

I'm almost crying - I admit it. Jawbox was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night - 8-Dec-2009. I never thought I'd ever see or hear these guys again. I saw them just once - right before they broke up - at the Miller Community Center, Seattle, WA - 24-July-1996.

Apparently - this is it, too. Just this one performance - no reunion, no new album - nothing else. They're making this one-off appearance in honor of the (long overdue) re-release/re-master of "For Your Own Special Sweetheart".

I'm too emotional to talk about it right now. Just posting the clips.


P.S. More info is on their own DeSoto records website:

Savory - from the on-air performance:

68 - from the rehearsal:

FF=66 - from the rehearsal: