Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jawbox on Fallon!!!!!

(from the Jimmy Fallon Did A Good Thing department)

Hi everyone

I'm almost crying - I admit it. Jawbox was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night - 8-Dec-2009. I never thought I'd ever see or hear these guys again. I saw them just once - right before they broke up - at the Miller Community Center, Seattle, WA - 24-July-1996.

Apparently - this is it, too. Just this one performance - no reunion, no new album - nothing else. They're making this one-off appearance in honor of the (long overdue) re-release/re-master of "For Your Own Special Sweetheart".

I'm too emotional to talk about it right now. Just posting the clips.


P.S. More info is on their own DeSoto records website:

Savory - from the on-air performance:

68 - from the rehearsal:

FF=66 - from the rehearsal:

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