Monday, November 12, 2012

Leonard Cohen and the Fresh Beat Band - Live In Concert!

(from the Improbable Double Bill department)

Hi everyone,

We went to see two concerts this weekend.  The first was Leonard Cohen at the Key Arena, on Friday, November 9th.  We had amazing seats - here's a few phone photos:

Leonard was in fine form - he joked early on that he was hoping to continue to tour for a few more years - and was really looking forward to turning 80 when he could start smoking again.  He then said - paraphrasing - that although he was hoping to tour for a number of years - the future is uncertain, so they were going to put on the best show they were capable of, just in case.  And he did: The show started at 8:00 PM prompt, and didn't get out until 11:45 PM, with one intermission.  That's pretty amazing for somebody who's 78 years old! 

The next day, Saturday, November 10th - we took Rose up to Everett to see the Fresh Beat Band live in concert:

At one point, two of the members of the band came into the audience to give high fives to the kids.  Dana picked up Rose and lifted her up - and she got to high five her hero Twist!  She was beaming after that.  They put on a great show too - not quite as serious as Leonard, mind you - but probably more enjoyable for the kids!