Friday, August 24, 2012

Rose is a Zen master

(from the Is it Zen? department)

Hi everyone,

One of the stories we like to read to Rose for bedtime is Zen Ghosts by John J. Muth.  He has a series of these books, featuring a large panda bear named Stillwater, who is also a wise spiritual master.

Well - we decided to read her another of these books - Zen Shorts.  Afterwards, I mentioned the Zen koan I always keep handy:  The Rhinoceros Horn Fan.

Rose found that koan interesting - so she told us her own version.  In her version, she replaced the fan with cake and the rhino with ice cream.  Awesome.

I grabbed my smartphone, started recording and asked if she'd tell the koan again.  Here's the result:

Unfortunately, she didn't quite tell it the same as she did the first time.  Still - it's quite the koan, isn't it?


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