Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Imogen Heap in concert - June 14, 2010 - Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA

(from the Hide and Seek department)

Hi everyone,

Just got out of the Imogen Heap concert at the Paramount in Seattle. Great show! She had three opening acts - two bands were comprised of members of her touring band, plus a group of people she'd auditioned especially in Seattle for an a cappella number.

So - here's the setlist:
  1. The Walk
  2. Swoon
  3. Come Here Boy
  4. Wait It Out
  5. First Train Home
  6. Little Bird
  7. The Fire/Canvas
  8. Breathe In (Frou Frou!)
  9. Earth
  10. (Seattle Improv)
  11. Bad Body Double
  12. Speeding Cars
  13. Let Go (Frou Frou again!)
  14. Just For Now
  15. Clear The Area
  16. Goodnight And Go
  17. Headlock
    (non-encore encore)
  18. Tidal
  19. The Moment I Said It
  20. Hide And Seek
She said that 12 of the songs were from an online poll, including #15, which was unique. Just For Now was a crowd sing-a-long, dividing the audience into three sections. Earth featured a Seattle a cappella group, Sintonia, that had formed just for the show, and were also the first opening act.

The other opening acts were Geese, who were the two violinists in her touring band + the drummer, and Ben Christophers, who was her guitarist. Imogen introduced each act. The whole opening sets took about an hour, give or take. (7:38 - 8:46). Imogen went on at 9:10 or so - ended at 11:30.

Seattle Improv is a song she wrote on the spot, based on audience suggestions.

Yes - she played a couple of Frou Frou songs, which I wasn't expecting.

She mentioned that one song was about her professor, and that she told that story one night - and was mortified to discover he was in the audience that night.

Started First Train Home by playing two wine glasses (w/lemon) wearing wrist microphones. Said that's the first sound you hear on Ellipse.

(Okay - I'm tired so I'm going to have to edit this post more tomorrow)


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