Tuesday, March 7, 2017

National Pancake Day - March 7, 2017

(from the What - you don't have your pancakes yet? department)

Hi everyone,

We went to IHOP tonight to celebrate National Pancake Day. We've been doing this off and on since Rose was 2 years old - now she's 9! You can see some of the previous visits here: National Pancake Day

We went to the Seattle Capitol Hill IHOP around 5:30 PM.  There were a lot of folks milling about outside, but the crowd inside wasn't too bad.  It's a popular event - especially among students - but the line moved quickly, and we were seated fairly promptly.

Dana and Rose began looking over the menu:

While they were discussing, our complimentary short pancake stack arrived:

I was excited - even though my selfie doesn't really show it!:

So was Rose:

Once again we had a great time!  We even donated a little bit to their charity - Children's Miracle Network - as well!

You can read all about it here: IHOP National Pancake Day - March 7, 2017


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