Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Connect The Dots With Wire!

(from the Yeah - this is how my mind works department)

So - this is probably of interest to hard core Wire fans only, but here's the link between the songs on Change Becomes Us and Document & Eyewitness / Turns & Strokes.

If you don't know what this means - this blog post is not for you.  Move along - nothing to see here. (^_^)

The list is arranged according to the track order of Change Becomes Us.  The arrows indicate my best guess as to the original song used to create the new song.  The title in brackets is the album that contains the original.

  1. Doubles & Trebles <--> Ally In Exile [Document & Eyewitness]
  2. Keep Exhaling <--> Relationship [Document & Eyewitness]
  3. Adore Your Island <--> The Spare One [Turns & Strokes]
  4. Re-Invent Your Second Wheel <--> ZEGK HOQP [Document & Eyewitness]
  5. Stealth of a Stork <--> Witness To The Fact [Document & Eyewitness]
  6. B/W Silence <--> Lorries [Turns & Strokes]
  7. Time Lock Fog <--> 5/10 [Document & Eyewitness]
  8. Magic Bullet <--> Over My Head [Turns & Strokes]
  9. Eels Sang <--> Eels Sang Lino [Document & Eyewitness]
  10. Love Bends <--> Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars) [Document & Eyewitness]
  11. As We Go <--> Part of Our History [Turns & Strokes]
  12. & Much Besides <--> Eastern Standard [Document & Eyewitness]
  13. Attractive Space <--> Underwater Experiences [Document & Eyewitness]

NOTE:  Although Attractive Space is based on Underwater Experiences, it is arranged much closer to the original demo version on Behind The Curtain, instead of the two (!) versions on Document & Eyewitness.  However - for the purposes of this list, I decided to only use Document & Eyewitness and Turns & Strokes, as originally issued.  This means that the bonus disc of demos on the new version of Document & Eyewitness, which includes alternate versions of a couple of the songs on Turns & Strokes, is also not listed here.

If I have any of these wrong, let me know.  This is a tricky exercise.  Fun - but tricky.


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bzfgt said...

You got it all. An amazing album!