Friday, April 25, 2014

Flashback Friday: Get There by Bôa

In 1998, one of the strangest Animes ever produced was released: "Serial Experiments Lain". A description of this anime is beyond the scope of this flashback, so I'll just point you at the Wikipedia page if you're interested:  Serial Experiments Lain.  

Anyone who saw an episode of the show was immediately struck by the haunting opening theme "Duvet" by a band called Bôa.  

It turns out that Bôa was actually a British band, formed by Steve & Jasmine Rodgers - the son and daughter of legendary rock singer Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, The Firm, etc.). The song Duvet was from their debut album "The Race Of A Thousand Camels", released on the small Japanese label Polystar.  

Due to the popularity of the anime, Bôa was subsequently signed to Pioneer, and re-released their debut album under the name Twilight. It was about this time that I struck up a friendship with them on their on-line message board.  Eventually, I traveled to England to meet them, and catch one of their shows. (Yeah - I know - I was young with a surplus of disposable income). 

Live - they were amazing. They played selections from Twilight and a bunch of new songs. Sadly, they were dropped from their label, but - they did eventually record the new songs and released the album themselves. This is the record "Get There". 

You can hear it here:  Get There by Bôa (Xbox Music)

Considering the relative youth of the band members, this is a very mature record. Highlights include Courage, Daylight, America & (especially) Passport.  

Sadly - this was to be their last record. Luckily, both Steve & Jasmine have started solo careers and their work is excellent.  Check out their work on Amazon/iTunes/Xbox Music.

So - give this a spin, and let me know what you think.

P.S.  Don't laugh - but here's a photograph of me at the show.  That's me in the center.

From left to right:  Lee Sullivan, Jasmine Rodgers, me, Steve Rodgers, Alex Caird.  This was taken around 2000 or so. 

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