Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Christmas from Santa and Rose (part 6)

(from the We Really Dressed Up This Year department)

Hi everyone,

Well - we got our yearly Santa photo taken today.  Although Rose couldn't wait to see Santa - jumping up and down in anticipation on the steps outside Santa's cabin - once inside, she literally disappeared into Dana's leg.  We had to coax her out with a candy cane and a Mickey Mouse doll.  Santa let us have the chair too:

The picture came out great.  We do clean up nice, don't we?

We got dressed up when we went to the matinee of the Nutcracker that afternoon, and headed directly to Santa's afterwards.

We asked Rose what she was going to ask Santa for.  She told us that she'd written it down in a letter - so she didn't feel like she needed to ask him anything.  We suggested that she at least ask him for her number one item - and she agreed.  Although she had practiced, she got very shy, and wouldn't say a word.  Finally, before we left, she did muster up the courage to ask Santa for a Rock Star Jacket - like the Fresh Beat Band wears - and wished Santa a Merry Christmas.

So - in that spirit:  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Pietromonaco family!


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