Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dana's Birthday dinner at Palisade - May 17, 2011

(from the Happy Birthday to You department)

Hi everyone,

For Dana's birthday, we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants - Palisade. This place is very cool. Every table has a view of Elliot Bay - and there's even a salt-water fixture in the middle of the restaurant with live fish and sea-life.

BTW - the hostess gave us some food to feed the fish. Best kid toy ever! When Rose got a little bored - which is normal for a 3 year old - we fed the fish.

Anyway - as dinner wound down - Rose asked if I would take her picture with Mommy. Thinking that this would be a cute, Mother/Daughter photo, I lined up the shot. This is what I got:

Yup - that's my kid alright. I finally did get Rose to pose a little - but she wouldn't look at the camera:

However - this next video made up for it. When they brought Dana a little birthday dessert, Rose started to sing her own version of Happy Birthday:

Of course, she whispered the whole song. Still - it was a special moment.


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