Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rose at the beach! (2nd day)

(from the Cute Baby In The Water - Redux department)

Hi everyone,

Rose had such a great time at the ocean yesterday that we brought her back again. These pictures were taken Thursday, September 4th, 2008 in the Atlantic surf of North Carolina on the island of Sunset Beach.

Unfortunately, I don't think Rose had as great a time as yesterday. First, she got her first tooth this morning, so she's been a little fussy all day. Next, she developed an instant rash from the sunblock we put on her - you might be able to see it in the last photos. It went away an hour after we washed the sunblock off - and this was baby sunblock, to boot!

But - at least we did manage to get a family photo at the beach.

By the way - that surf back there? That's caused by Tropical Storm Hanna. It's still miles away - but it's headed in this direction. I wonder what this beach will look like after it hits? Don't worry - we'll be long gone before it gets here.


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