Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steely Dan @ the Chateau St. Michelle winery 30-Jul-2008

(from the They got the Chevrolet Bodies, they got the Steely Dan T-shirts department)

I saw Steely Dan at the Chateau St. Michelle winery in Woodinville last night. It was a great show - well worth seeing, even if you're not a big fan o' the Dan.

They're playing again tonight and in the interests of comparison, here's the set list they played last night.

Steely Dan setlist @ Chateau St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA on Wednesday 30-Jul-2008:
  • 1. Instrumental Medley - including parts of the Fez
  • 2. The Royal Scam
  • 3. I Got The News
  • 4. Show Biz Kids
  • 5. Everything You Did
  • 6. Two Against Nature
  • 7. Hey Nineteen
  • 8. Godwhacker
  • 9. New Frontier (from Donald Fagan's The Nightfly)
  • 10. Gaucho (lead vocal Walter Becker)
  • 11. Home At Last
  • 12. Parker's Band
  • 13. Black Friday
  • 14. Josie
  • 15. Aja
  • 16. (not sure)
  • 17. Peg
At this point, I had to head home to get Rose to bed. I'd love to know what the last few songs were.

UPDATE: The last few songs were (thanks Phil!)
  • 18. Kid Charlemagne
  • 19. Don't Take Me Alive
  • 20. FM
UPDATE 2: The #1 instrumental medley might have possibly been a blend of Everyone's Gone To The Movies + The Fez. Other setlists from this tour indicate that this is was what they were opening with.

Additionally, #16 might have been a cover of the Supremes' "Love Is Like An Itchin' In My Heart", which they played the night before, according to a setlist I found here that looks very similar.


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It's My Blog in a Box! said...

Hey! We went to the concert too! Glad we went to Wednesday's concert and not Thursday's! Here was the rest of the setlist:
Kid Charlemagne
Don't Take Me Alive
Great show...third time I've seen them. Wish they played Dr. Wu or Caves of Altamira.